Lives Saved
Cats -  443
Dogs - 707
      Total  1150
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2006 - 2016
Lives Saved
Cats -   4097
Dogs -   8691
Total - 12,788
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Sierra's Haven is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. 
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Lives Saved
Cats -   502
Dogs-   899
  Total   1401

WITH HEARTFELT SYMPATHY, Sierra’s Haven mourns the death of long-time friend, dedicated volunteer, and former board member, Larry Lonney, PhD. Retired from the faculty at Shawnee State University, Larry devoted a large part of his life to Sierra’s. He was faithful to help socialize frightened and shy dogs to get ready for adoption. After extensive training in canine assessment, he was instrumental in the Rescue Waggin' and other transfer programs that transported dogs to other shelters for adoption. Larry will be greatly missed at the shelter for his kind spirit and generosity during assessment days, transport days, cat neuter days and adoption events.