Sierra's Haven is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. 

This page was last updated: February 5, 2016
To read more about the Ohio Pet License Plates click on the following link: 
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Saving Lives Since 2006
The Ohio Pet License Plates are vehicle registration tags that raise funds for education, spay and neuter of pets for low-income families, and for dogs and cats adopted from qualifying agencies.

Share your love for pets!  Even if you have just renewed your license plates, you can still buy the plate for $25. 

Simply visit your deputy registrar's office, or  call 1-800-589-TAGS.  The more plates they sell, the more animals they can help.

What is the specialty pet license plate?
They fund:
Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
501c3 and Veterinary Nonprofit Organizations 

Our organization number is 612