Royalty Club Monthly Donations
Since opening our doors in 2006 Sierra’s Haven has provided medical care, sterilization, food, shelter and love to over 9,000 homeless dogs and cats while they were waiting to be placed in their forever homes. Sierra’s performed over 12,000 spays and neuters and kept thousands of dogs from being euthanized at the Scioto County Dog pound. 

Can you give just 66 cents per day (20 dollars a month) to see that our shelter can continue to meet the needs of helpless dogs and cats?

“I give monthly because just as I rely on a regular income, so does Sierra’s Haven. It’s vital for budgeting, planning, and making certain that the  homeless cats and dogs in Scioto County continue to receive the care they so desperately need.  Even the smallest regular amount is valuable because it joins with others and creates a secure and reliable funding stream.” ~ Anonymous monthly donor.

Remember Sierra’s Haven in your estate planning. Contact Dr. Gail Counts for more information (740-353-5100.)
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