Unfortunately, for the first time in our 7 year history, Sierra's Haven is in a financial crisis. There are several factors that have contributed to this situation. The extreme weather has equated to higher heating costs and the necessity for us to take in many more animals than we have capacity for due to freezing temperatures and animals being left outside abandoned or left in deplorable conditions. In addition, we have lost over $50K in funding this year from grants which we had received in the past but the grantors have either run out of funding or have discontinued the grant programs. We desperately need your help so that we can continue to remain this county's only safe haven for homeless pets. Our board of directors works feverishly to find ways to implement long-term financial plans to sustain us in the future. Our operating budget runs between $250K-$300K per year.

During our 7 years we have saved almost 7,000 homeless pets lives and added new furry family members to countless loving homes. Through our low-cost spay/neuter program over 10,000 dogs and cats have been spayed/neutered, most of which have been for low-income families or people with hardships beyond their control. This program has prevented the birth of literally hundreds of thousands of puppies and kittens that would have added to our county's pet over-population. Please help save our shelter and our homeless pets by participating in our $10,000 drawing, our 31 days of Thirty-One, our Pot-of-Luck Dinner or simply click on our PayPal button to make a donation.  You can also send a check to Sierra's Haven, 80 Easter Drive, Portsmouth, OH 45662. Remember your donations are tax deductible and we appreciate all you do for our furry critters.
Sierra's Haven For New And Used Pets
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Saving Lives Since 2006
On behalf of all the animals at Sierra’s Haven, we want to first give a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for the outpouring of support we have received over this past week.  Our goal is to raise $30,000 over the next couple weeks which will help us get through the next few months while we continue to work on new grants and other sources of funding. 

Thank you also to those of you who have offered ideas for fundraisers to help achieve our goal.  We are kicking off two ideas right now (in addition to our annual Pot-O-Luck which will be held on March 15 at the Elk’s City Club):

Renee Leadingham, a local Thirty-One consultant, has offered to run a “31 days of 31” fundraiser with all proceeds going to Sierra’s Haven.  The tickets are $10 each (you can buy as many as you want).  We will be selling 300 tickets and once those are sold, we will be posting one winner each day for 31 days.  You can buy your tickets on Sierra’s Haven’s website, www.sierrashaven.org, and going to the “31 days of 31” tab.  The list of ticket holders and winners will be posted on this page so you can track our progress and track the winners.  Prizes will be picked up at Sierra’s Haven or you can pay for shipping and we can send them to you.

The other fundraiser is our “Save our Shelter” campaign.  We will be selling 250 tickets for $100 each.  Our goal is to sell these tickets by March 15 (the date of our Pot-O-Luck) and draw the winners then.  This will raise $15,000 for the shelter and we will be giving out $10,000 in prize money to 34 lucky winners.  Tickets for this fundraiser can also be purchased on our website, www.sierrashaven.org, and going to the “Save our Shelter” tab.  As with the 31 drawing above, the list of ticket holders and winners will be displayed on the website.  Prize money can either be picked up at the shelter or we will be glad to mail it to you. 

Please share this post with everyone you know and help us spread the word.  With the donations we have been receiving and proceeds from these fundraisers, we can achieve our goal!  We are not out of the woods yet but are hopeful that, with your help, we will be able to keep the doors open and continue to serve Scioto County for many years to come!  

Dr. Gail Counts, DVM